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Kuala Lumpur 5-day MSC

April 19 - April 23


Teachers: Kristy Arbon & Miyen Low

Email miyenlow@mindful-spa.com to register

MINDFUL SELF-COMPASSION (MSC) is an empirically-supported, 8-week, training program designed to cultivate the skill of self-compassion. Based on the groundbreaking research of Kristin Neff and the clinical expertise of Christopher Germer, MSC teaches core principles and practices that enable participants to respond to difficult moments in their lives with kindness, care and understanding. This 5-day program is a condensed version.

The three key components of self-compassion are self-kindness, a sense of common humanity, and balanced, mindful awareness. Kindness opens our hearts to suffering, so we can give ourselves what we need. Common humanity opens us to our essential interrelatedness, so that we know we aren’t alone. Mindfulness opens us to the present moment, so we can accept our experience with greater ease. Together they comprise a state of warm-hearted, connected presence.

Self-compassion can be learned by anyone, even those who didn’t receive enough affection in childhood or who feel uncomfortable when they are good to themselves. It’s a courageous attitude that stands up to harm, including the harm that we unwittingly inflict on ourselves through self-criticism, self-isolation, or self-absorption. Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to admit our shortcomings, motivate ourselves with kindness, forgive ourselves when needed, relate wholeheartedly to others, and be more authentically ourselves.

Rapidly expanding research demonstrates that self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, less anxiety, depression and stress, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships. After participating in this workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Practice self-compassion in daily life
  • Understand the empirically-supported benefits of self-compassion
  • Motivate yourself with kindness rather than criticism
  • Handle difficult emotions with greater ease
  • Transform challenging relationships, old and new
  • Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation


Program activities include short talks, experiential exercises, group discussion home practices and retreat. MSC is primarily a compassion training program rather than mindfulness training like Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), although mindfulness is the foundation of self-compassion. MSC is a workshop and not a group psychotherapy as the emphasis of MSC is on building emotional resources. Positive change occurs naturally as we develop the capacity to be with ourselves in a kinder, more compassionate way. The goal is for participants to directly experience self-compassion and learn practices that evoke self-compassion in daily life.


This program is designed for members of the general public, as well as for professionals who wish to integrate self-compassion into their work. No previous experience with mindfulness or meditation is required to attend MSC. To insure safety, participants are asked to provide background information when they register for the program. This program fulfills one of the prerequisites for application to attend MSC Teacher’s Training. For more information on MSC Teacher Training, please visit www.centerformsc.org


  1. This 5 days MSC caters to a maximum of 25 participants only. The registration fee per participant is to be advised. Registration will be closed on 18 February 2017.
  2. No cancellations will be accepted if less than 2 month before the program. This is due to one of the teachers will be travelling from United States and organizer will incur loss if the number of registration is not sufficient to cover cost of organizing. If you are unable to attend at last minute, a substitute participant is welcome at no extra charge by informing us in writing before the program.
  3. In the unlikely event of program cancellation by the organizer, we will refund 100 percent of registration fees paid. The organizer assumes no liability for any penalty fees on airline tickets, deposits for hotel accommodations or any other incidental costs that a participant might incur as a consequence of a program cancellation.


 Is I have financial difficulties, is instalment payment available?

We do offer instalment payment but it is limited to 3 instalments only with full settlement a week before the program starts. Please contact miyenlow@mindful-spa.com for further discussion.

 I’ve experienced recent trauma or I suffer mood swings. Should I come?

Shorter workshops/sessions might be more suitable e.g. the 8-week programs (3 hours each session). Usually intensive program of 5 days are best left for a later time when you are feeling more comfortable. Please discuss your situation with us by contacting miyenlow@mindful-spa.com.

 Is this relevant for a non-clinician?

Yes. MSC was designed for people to explore their own relationship with themselves, and to learn how to treat themselves with more kindness especially when they are suffering. Naturally, mental health professionals saw the potential benefits for their clients, and most programs have a number of mental health professionals attending. However the program is first and foremost for personal development.

If I am a mental health professional, can I use MSC material with my (therapy) clients?

Once you have taken the MSC program, you are welcome to use select exercises with your clients and use your wise discretion in doing this. However, we strongly suggest that you practise these exercises yourself for a period of 3-6 months and contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your practice and using the materials. We also ask that you attribute the work to the program developers, Dr Kristin Neff and Dr Christopher Germer.

Does this program satisfy the prerequisite for MSC Teacher Training?

Yes, attending 5 days MSC intensive program fully is one of the pre-requisite that satisfies the application for MSC Teacher Training program. The shorter program like a 1-day or 2-day MSC program does not satisfy the criteria. For more information, please visit the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion’s website at www.centerformsc.org

Most mindfulness-based program has meditation, do I have to know how to meditate or to observe silence? 

There is no prerequisite for MSC program to know how to meditate or to observe silence. Other than the 1 day retreat session where it is encouraged to have silence-practice with several of the MSC exercises, before discussing/revising with the teachers, there is not a lot of silence in MSC program.


April 19
April 23
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